19 September 2017

Free Lunch! Please enroll below, limited places!

Day 23.9 at 13:00 at Sauna Building.


Please join us for a free lunch, hosted by the Garden of Others project in the frame of Empathy as Resistance. We will harvest food for thought, graze on wild and locally grown vegetables, and top it off with herbal contemplations. We invite you to discuss, digest, and reflect.

Food belongs to the realm of everyday life, the primary arena for all insurrectionary self-empowerment, all spiritual self-enhancement, all seizing-back of pleasure, all revolt against the Planetary Work Machine & its imitation desires.” 
Hakim Bey: Temporary Autonomous Zones, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism

The lunch starts at 13:00, there are 20 seats. Please register for the lunch in advance.
The meal will be followed by presentations on other artistic projects within Empathy as Resistance. All are welcome.

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