A wild trip starting at Sauna building close to Oranssi.


We would like to invite you for a sensual safari, a wild trip to sharpening your senses, exploring the environment and own reactions, challenging boundaries between individual humans, objects and the environment. We will use not only our vision, but also touch, smell, hearing, taste and movement to devise tools for conscious urban walking – a series of exercises, tasks, movements, actions and other collective body techniques aimed at crossing dichotomies of body and mind, nature and culture.

During these actions we will take a fresh look at the surroundings and give special awareness to what can be called “nature of the fourth kind” [1] – spontaneous vegetation emerging on vacant lots, urban-industrial sites, fractures in a heavily transformed, concrete habitat. What appears on the margins of governance, as an error or merely a temporary side-effect, will become the centre of our attention. We will prepare the ground for a better understanding of our surrounding and ourselves and experiment with new methods of outdoor education as part of a wider exploration on urban metabolisms.

Governance starts with a connection between subjects and their environment. To observe, to understand, to interact are tools to start recognising each other as well as non-human elements of the environment as legitimate peer actors.

[1] Ingo Kowarik, 2013, “Cities and wilderness. A new perspective”



Katarzyna Sztarbała, dancer, performer and cultural manager. Member of the artistic collective Laboratorio in Madrid, where she took part in many productions and dance-theater performances and dance improvisation cycles. She graduated the Experimental Choreography Course in Centrum w Ruchu, Warsaw Poland. She likes making art of invitation, socio-cultural initiatives and participatory artistic practices.


Wojtek Mejor, independent educator, organizer and activist living in Warsaw. He's involved in food activism, community supported agriculture and the cooperative movement. Currently he's researching degrowth at the Warsaw University and holding workshops on a variety of themes including art, cooperativism, organising, diy. Member of Dobrze Food Coop.