22 September 2017

Interview with Random Doctors, VJing live

Friday 22.9 at 22:00, outside nearby Oranssi Building.


Your vj-ing is present in mainstream events like Flow as well as in independent contemporary art events. You were even vj-ing at the independent event 'Irresistible District' organised by artists for the 100 Years Suvilahti Birthday in 2008. How was this area back then? What still inspires you?

Plenty of things have taken place in the Finnish VJ scene since we started playing in 2004. We began as an open group and a collective around Hippo Complex Club and Vadelma association. It was the right moment and space for our visual contributions for the events we were taking part anyways. Back then VJing was quite a new thing, so we had to break the ice to get recognition in the scene. We needed to explain our work several times - over and again. What is VJing? What is a VJ? What are you doing? There existed a relatively new and active VJ scene back then already. Together with other VJs we tried to push the culture by founding VJFinland collective to promote the local scene. We all felt really united by the same interests. At the same time it was a constant stuggle with basic resources. Venues didn't have beamers or screens etc. At first, we carried DVD & VHS players and then PC workstations & CRT monitors around the city. In fact it was really fun! Back then we were so hyped and devoted that the limitations didn't really matter. We had our mission to make a point with our visual bombardment. It was random play between entertainment, escapism, art and political action. We have always strongly felt that it is our responsibility to make a point and statement whenever it's possible. This has been our medium to express ourselves. These days we are just older and a bit slower but the inspirations come from the same things.


You often create a very strong relation with the space, creating a truly powerful site-specific art pieces. Where do you find the inspiration for your vj-ing?

Inspiration comes from all the possible and impossible things. I hope we and I have managed to form an identifiable visual style. The main thing is to try to find your own way to visually express yourself. There are unlimited possibilities to create visuals, both analog and digital. Trying to find new ways to create visuals keeps me motivated. For me, this is a sort of hypermanic lifestyle to play around with the videos. And, of course a lot of inspiration and power comes from the great people around the scene: other VJs, DJs, and musicians.


You are always researching your visual materials very thoughtfully before your gigs. Can you already give us some hints of what are you going to show us for the festival theme of 'Local & Decentralised' in Suvilahti?

Live visuals / projection mapping will be built around the theme of the festival in relation to the music and sounds played there. The plan is to create a unique audiovisual journey - an escapist experience to the abstract visions with layers of political and cultural commentary about our society & world. Lets see …