21 September 2017

Interview with dj Bunuel, playing live

day 23.9 at 21:40 at Sauna Building.


This year you celebrate 40 years of dj-ing. Music is time, and you must have gathered some interesting impressions of how music can influence people. Is it possible to make revolution with Music?

You can and should definitely make a revolution in music... But seriously, I don´t think music can make a revolution by itself, but in history it has always had a big role in uprisings. The latest example is of course the Arab spring. 


You are best known as dj but you also have some interesting solo art projects and in collaboration with other musicians. Can you tell us more about your artistic research?

I can give you a fresh example: this summer we started a project call Metsänhenki (The spirit of the woods), which is a dinner where the food is from or inspired by the woods, e.g. you can be served a pine terracotta with marinated cones and a bee schnapps. Percussion wizard Tatu Rönkkö and myself create the sound world consisting only of sounds from the woods. I use for instance, sounds from hawks or woodpeckers and Tatu throws cones into a bowl which is then amplified and uses tree trunks as percussion.


We are all excited to dance with your tunes and to dream with your unique mixes. What are you going to present at the Local & Decentralised festival? Are you going to give us both, the dj and the artist?

Something like that I suppose.