Poietic Generator is a social network game, since 1986.

We will have a group session during festival, and the artist will be present.

You can experiment it too, it is a unique possibility!

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Designed by Olivier Auber[1] in 1986, and developed from 1987 under the label free art[2] thanks to many contributors.[3]The game takes place within a two-dimensional matrix in the tradition of board games and its principle is similar to both Conway's Game of Life and the surrealistsExquisite corpse.

However, it differs from these models in several respects. It is not an algorithm like Conway's, but human players who control in real-time the graphic elements of a global matrix, on the basis of one unit per person. Unlike the exquisite corpse in which there are always hidden parts, here all the players' actions are visible at all times by each of them. Unlike board games, there is no concept of winning or losing, the goal of the game is simply to collectively draw recognizable forms and to observe how we create them together.

The name Poietic Generator, derived from the concept of autopoiesis in life sciences (Francisco Varela), and of poietic in philosophy of art (Paul ValéryRené Passeron), illustrates the process of self-organization at work in the continuous emergence of the global picture. Since its inception, the Poietic Generator has been designed as part of a wider action research to create an Art of Speed.[4]

(source Wikipedia)


The Poietic Generator has been developed by Olivier Auber with the help of Florence Meichel, as part of the research program of the Evolution, Complexity and COgnition group (ECCO) and the Global Brain Institute of the Free University of Brussels. The Poietic Generator is a crowdsourced and crowdfunded initiative. You may contribute and donate here.

The current version has been developed thanks to many donators through KissKissBankBank crowdfunding platform, and a special donation by the french Délégation aux Usages de l’Internet.


If you wish to know more: http://poietic-generator.net/