A participatory co-design session at Oranssi Conference Room.


The richness and authenticity of our behavior is constantly being confronted by prevailing conventions and rules, whether it involves ourselves, others, work, tools, etc. Consequently, the multiplicity of will is constrained. In order to question the “correctness” in our daily interactions, we propose Culture Coding, a catalyst that makes our apparently automated behavior a tool to redesign it and implement the new one into practice.

Culture Coding simplifies the creation of individual conventions, making them effective in a much wider context than just in an artistic expression. Although in its design form similar to an extent to a computer code, in its application it is expanded into more dimensions: individual interpretations and unpredictable co-creation of multiverses.

During the prototyping Culture Coding experiences workshop we will write, test, share and execute codes for humans that aim to re-program our patterns, conventions and awareness of these habitual behaviours. We will use everyday communication technologies to personalize the codes and optimize experiences in a hackathon format.

Designers, creatives, tinkerers, poets, computer programmers and self-acclaimed weirdos are welcome. Just fill the below form to register.



Jana Pejoska-Laajola is a doctoral candidate at the MediaLab at Aalto University where she works in the LeGroup research group at the department of art, design and architecture. Her background is in digital culture with focus on design of serious games for learning. Her work is driven by her passion for knowledge building and curiosity for exploring and creating interaction experiences. Jana has been involved in Cultural Coding since 2013(4?) and is a Pixelache member since 2014.


Agnieszka Pokrywka got a university training in computer simulations, animation and art criticism, but she rather became a critic of art simulations and animator of real life situations. She believes in non-linearity, complex systems and open source, whether applied to computer technology, culture, or society. She claims that whether in food-making or making-a-living, DIY approach helps to exercise curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. For that reason she became a member of Pixelache, a transdisciplinary platform for experimental art, design, research and activism. Since 2014 she explores themes of bacterial and social fermentation within multi-locational Ferment Lab project. In 2016 she co-instigated Temporary, a cultural venue in Helsinki powered by Biathlon, a toolkit for decentralized culture-building.