The Big Bro is an interactive installation by Krišjānis Rijnieks.

The show is going to take place outdoors next to Oranssi building, starting at 21:00.

Visitors will have the opportunity to try out their oratorical skills and augment the appearance of the Oranssi building.


The Big Bro represents the authoritarian within every one of us. It takes the form of one's voice and converts the message of the simple man into a heroic manifest that could be compared to the effect of the burning bush.

Instead of the one, everyone is invited to use the majestic combination of the building, projection mapping and audio to influence, convince or entertain. It is an experiment on how technology-driven propaganda (or truth) solutions can convert the voice of a simple man to a spectacle people pay attention to.



Krisjanis Rijnieks has been working with digital media since Macromedia Flash 4. Between then and now he managed to try out painting, drawing, illustration, VJing, 3D modelling, Flash, creative coding, projection mapping and digital fabrication. He studied painting at the Latvian Academy of Arts and Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan; later, new media at the Media Lab Helsinki. Most of the time he has been freelancing, lately working on projects related to creative coding, projection mapping and digital fabrication. Has spent some time at the Fab Lab Berlin while developing a resource management system for fablabs and makerspaces. He is author of the book Cinder–Begin Creative Coding, although in his work he prefers to use the openFrameworks creative coding toolkit. His main project now is the development of an open source addon for openFrameworks which let’s one use the Raspberry Pi minicomputer for serious projection mapping projects.