20 September 2017

Interview with Tomplex, playing live

day 22.9 at 22.00 outdoors nearby Oranssi Building.


At the festival you will collaborate with Random Doctors, it is a long term collaboration, can you tell us how it started and how it developed?

I was making music and Hannu was shooting 8mm films that had no sound. Back in 2003 he introduced me his films projecting them on the wall of his flat and we made our first collab trilogy. Several more audiovisual jams and gatherings followed and in 2004-2005 when we ran a braindance club in Helsinki with more friends Random Doctors did the visuals. We still have our jam sessions every now and then.


Listening to your music it seems that you are attempting to establish a sort of brain-to-brain communication, a musical discourse that is also aware of the profound impact of sound on our thoughts. Could you tell us more about your creative process and your intentions when you create your music?

For me making music is a game that you create as you try to follow the idea or emotion that triggered the whole process. I always think that the current track in the making is the best of all and refuse to think how it will fit to what and where and which genre. You never know which track will stand the test of self criticism and time will do it's tricks, too. It leaves me digging the crates when making selections for releases or gigs. I am happy to have people around me who helps me with their opinions as usually the reason why I personally like or dislike my music does not have much to do with how it actually sounds but how the idea or feeling is conveyed.


Local & Decentralised festival wants to encourage participation in taking care of the City, of its economy, of its inhabitants. How are you going to communicate this to your audience?

I will be promoting the cause by performing a very locally crafted back catalogue odyssey into released and unreleased material scattered in electronic styles.