Mapping Workshop 21.9 from 18:00 to 20:00 at Sauna Building

organised by and visiting members

of RIPESS Solidarity economy Europe network coordination team.


Experiences of mapping around the world will be presented, showcasing and discussing the different approaches of using maps - what we can achieve with them and how we might need to challenge them. 

Throughout the Festival there will be ongoing mapping of Solidarity economy / Commons, with different mapping tools proliferating different senses of what mapping can do.


What is brings together people and organisations of all kinds interested in the commons.

It seeks, spreads information and provides a forum for people furthering the commons and commoning – including those engaged in solidarity economy building, developing co-ops, working with alternative currencies, ethical finance, collective gardening, protecting commons resources (like water, air or land), environmental activism, developing new forms of legal frameworks for the commons (e.g. the Creative Commons licences) and forms of commoning in culture and art. is also a partner in the European Commons Assembly, an international network and campaing for commoning in society and politics, and aims to support similar Assemblies in Finland and the Gulf of Finland region.


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